Clearly, we're all on your side. He's a jerkwad and you deserve much, much better. Another suggestions: break your plates. All of them. Or go to a thrift store, buy cheap plates, and break all those. Get a board and some grout and make an angry mosaic. Or just toss the pieces. But breaking dishes is truly therapeutic. » 2/13/13 5:13pm 2/13/13 5:13pm

My favorite is living in LA where the more restrictive your diet is, the "better" you are. Whenever people find out I'm veg, they start explaining to me how they probably should be, too, but they have this, that and the other justification for not going vegetarian or vegan. I hear a lot of "we only eat meat two or… » 1/31/13 2:08am 1/31/13 2:08am

Yep. There's 11 inches between me and my giant boyfriend (and I've dating guys of a range of heights, but I'm short enough that they were almost all taller) and there is a crick factor. I go up on my tippytoes and he bends his knees and that's how we kiss standing up. Lying down presents fewer problems, naturally. But… » 1/28/13 10:23pm 1/28/13 10:23pm

If you braise them the Cook's Illustrated way, you will eat truckloads of them. (About an inch of cold water in the bottom of a pan, a pinch of salt, throw in an even layer of small, fresh brussels, simmer for 8 minutes and drain. Serve with lots of butter, salt, and pepper. So. Damn. Good.) » 1/26/13 9:36pm 1/26/13 9:36pm

Yep. My favorite was when I was talking to a (close! much beloved!) lesbian friend coming out to my family as queer/gay/whatever, and she goes "you're not queer". I was in shock. The most accepting nonjudgmental person I know says that? So then I just dated men. And I'm pretty closeted. And now I'm going to go drink… » 1/26/13 9:31pm 1/26/13 9:31pm

Ugh. That happened at my high school with the junior class when I was a senior, only the faculty let it go. It took a lot of pressure from the seniors to ensure the juniors never told her it was a joke, because the girl who won was so happy. That class was all bastards. » 1/25/13 2:21am 1/25/13 2:21am